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episode list

Witches Stew                                                                                   The Princess and the Troll
Mummy Dearest                                                                              Second Chance
Wacky Wax Museum                                                                       The Great Ghost Gorilla
Statue of Liberty                                                                               Doggone Werewolf
The Ransom of Eddie Spenser                                                      That's No Alien
Eddie Takes Charge                                                                        Scareplane
Tracy, Come Back                                                                            The Ghost of Don Quixote                      
A Friend in Need                                                                               The White Whale                              
I'll Be a Son of a Ghostbuster-Part 1                                               Whither Why                                               
Frights of the Round Table-Part 2                                                    Knight of Terror
No Pharoah At All-Part 3                                                                  The Girl Who Cried Vampire                            
The Secret of Mastodon Valley-Part 4                                            Little Big Rat
The Ones Who Save the Future-Part 5                                           Really Roughing It
No Snow                                                                                             The Bad Old Days
Prime Evil's Good Deed                                                                   The Curse of the Diamond of Gloom  
The Haunting of Gizmo                                                                      The Bind That Ties
The Headless Horseman Caper                                                       Like Father, Like Son
Banish The Banshee                                                                          The Fourth Ghostbuster
Rollerghoster                                                                                       Country Goblin                                                                                  
He Went Brataway                                                                              Cold Winter's Night
Looking Glass Warrior                                                                        Father Knows Beast
Laser and Future Rock                                                                       Back to the Past
Runaway Choo Choo                                                                          Pretend Friends
Dynamite Dinosaur                                                                             The Haunted Painting
Ghostbunglers                                                                                      Maze Caves                                
My Present to the Future                                                                     The Way You Are
Beastly Buggy                                                                                      
Belfry Leads the Way
Battle for Ghost Command
Going Ape                                                                                              
Cyman's Revenge
Inside Out
The Sleeping Dragon
The Phantom of the Big Apple                                   
Shades of Dracula
Outlaw In-Laws
Our Buddy Fuddy
Train to Doom Da Doom Doom