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JAKE KONG JR.-                                                       PRIME EVIL-Long time enemy
Leader of the Ghost busters.                                     of the Ghost busters. Main weapon  
Possesses a unique gift,                                           of choice, his bone troller, a pipe organ  
a nose that twitches                                                    that does a number of things including
whenever ghosts are present.                                   transporter beam and communication
Main weapon of choice, the dematerializer,            monitor.
a weapon that decomposes ghosts on contact.

EDDIE SPENSER JR.-Team member.                      AIR HEAD-Ghost mummy.
Jake's best friend and side kick. Although a              Not much is known about him
bit of a klutz and a coward, Eddie always                   except that he appeared in a
makes up for it with his sense of loyalty.                      couple of episodes, and that
His weapon of choice, the ghost gummer,                   he's not the sharpest knife in
a gun that shoots bullets of glue at its intended           the drawer (thus the name).

TRACY-Team member.                                                   APPARITIA-A witch ghost.
Able to fix and create weapons                                     Lives up to her name by creating
at the drop of a hat. ie: ghost                                         different types of apparitions.
gummer. Drives the Ghost buggy
and activates its functions whenever asked to.

BELFRY-Friend and longtime resident of                       BRATARAT-Prime Evil's right
Ghost Command. Has an ear piercing                            hand "man". He's a cross between
scream called the Belfry Blast.                                          a rat, a bat, a caterpillar, a ghoul, and
                                                                                              a maggot. Often acts as a yes man and a
                                                                                              "punching bag".

ANSWERBONE-The Ghost busters'                                 FANGSTER-A werewolf from the future.
main mode of communication. Always                              Not much is known about this character
makes wisecracks whenever a call comes in                   either except that he's not too bright but has
for them.                                                                                 amazing strength.

GHOSTBUGGY- The Ghost busters'                                 HAUNTER-Ghost of an English   
mode of transportation. Always making                            big game hunter. Uses his pith
complaints and wisecracks at the boys                             helmet as a mode of transportation
including Tracy. Able to travel through                                and his monacle as a heat ray. Prime
the air, water, time, and space.                                           often hires him for "retrieval" missions.
GHOST COMMAND- Home and                                       LONG JOHN SCARECHROME-Futuristic
headquarters of the Ghostbusters.                                    pirate. Has different weapons in his peg leg
                                                                                               and a gun called a freeze glock.
SKELEVISION- Nicknamed Skelly,                                   MYSTERIA-Another witch ghost. Able to
it doubles as a communication monitor                             transform herself into a purple mist to trip
when not used as a television.                                            up or paralyze her victims.

FUTURA- Sorceress from the year                                      SIR TRANCELOT-Ghost knight from the
2960. Long time friend of the Ghost                                     past. Able to put his opponents to sleep
busters. Aids them in some missions,                                 by shooting a sleep beam from his lance.
or gets aid from them when necessary.                               His mode of transportation, his ghost horse
Sometimes flirts with Jake. (Can't say I                               called Fright mare.
blame her.)

JESSICA RAE- Reporter.                                                    SCARED STIFF-Futuristic robot.
Long time friend of the Ghost                                               Often has trouble keeping himself
busters. Also aids them in some                                          together, especially when Prime Evil
missions. Jake may have some-                                          fires his beam at him.
thing for her since he stole a kiss
from her in one of the episodes.                                           

                                                                                                  HAUNT QUARTERS-Head quarters of
                                                                                                  Prime Evil and his minions.